cap-o-ei-ra: noun 1. an Afro-Brazilian martial art form combining elements of dance, music, and battle; 2. an intense, holistic workout; 3. dialogue of movement between two people from a close-knit community; 4. an empowering lifestyle.



Grupo Capoeira Nagô Milwaukee, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to spreading Brazilian culture and the phenomenally popular martial art of capoeira throughout the midwestern United States. In line with our motto of "Community, Fitness and Education", we provide weekly capoeira training and music classes across the metropolitan Milwaukee area. We also participate in numerous cultural and educational performances, exhibitions and events in order to further the appreciation and understanding of Brazilian culture in the communities we serve.

Capoeira Nagô Milwaukee practices the most cutting-edge and contemporary form of the Afro-Brazilian martial art, straight from its Brazilian homeland. Under the tutelage of one of the world's greatest capoeiristas, Mestre Pequinês (of Goiana, Goiás) and his top student, Contra-Mestre Andrê Gusmao (New York, NY), Capoeira Nagô Milwaukee and Aluno Gafanhoto seek to make capoeira available to every person looking for a good work out and a good time! For more information on Grupo Capoeira Nagô, click here.